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I get excited the minute my car leaves the driveway for another trip.  After a lifetime of travel, leading tours of the San Francisco area and booking groups and honeymooners to exotic places, there are still places I long to go.  Dream Along Travel is the part of my business that focuses on groups to all-inclusive resorts and cruises.  Honeymoons by Anne Marie is for Destination Weddings, honeymoons, familymoons, and anniversaries.  This is not an internet mega site, it is just me, Anne Marie Del Vecchio, an independent, homebased travel agent under BridalHoneymoons Agency.  That means you will get personal attention every step of the way.  In addition, my suppliers know they must compete with the internet so if I can book it, you will be guaranteed the lowest possible price. Click on the internet, you pay full price and if there is a problem, oh well!  With Dream Along Travel or Honeymoons by Anne Marie, we also offer payment plans and if there is a problem, you call me!  Doesn’t it just make sense to get more service for the same or better price with Anne Marie!

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